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Amplitude of Random Telegraph Noise in Junctionless FinFET with Different Channel Shape
Atabek E. AtamuratovMahkam M. KhalilloevAhmed YusupovJean Chamberlain ChedjouKyandoghere Kyamakya
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2021 年 19 巻 p. 9-12


The influence of the channel shape in a junctionless silicon- on-insulator finned field-effect transistor (JL SOI FinFET) on the amplitude of random telegraph noise (RTN) induced by single interface trapped charge has been simulated for the transistors with rectangular, trapezoidal, and triangular fin cross sections. The simulation of the RTN amplitude distribution along the channel induced by a single charge trapped at interface defect located at the fin top and at sidewall of JL SOI FinFETs with channels of different shapes is considered. It is established that at trapping the single charge at sidewall surface of the channel, the lowest RTN amplitude is seen for the triangular cross-section and the highest for the rectangular and trapezoidal cross-sections. At the single charge trapping at the top surface of the channel, the RTN amplitude is higher for the rectangle than for the trapezoidal cross-section.

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