Geographical Research Bulletin
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Characteristics of effective source rocks of Paleogene in Jiyang Depression
Lang WuJian Zhang
ジャーナル オープンアクセス

2022 年 1 巻 p. 56-62


Shale oil is a key area of unconventional oil development and is expected to become a new growth point of oil production in the future. Jiyang Depression is a secondary basin located in the southeast of Bohai Bay Basin. The shale strata in Jiyang Depression are mainly developed in the Upper 4th Member of Shahejie Formation, the Lower 3rd Member of Shahejie Formation, and the 1st Member of Shahejie Formation in Paleogene. In the past 10 years of exploration practice, Jiyang Depression has made breakthroughs in many layers and various types of shale oil, showing a good exploration prospect of shale oil in Jiyang Depression. Based on previous studies, this paper discussed the characteristics of effective source rocks in Jiyang Depression from four aspects: (1) geochemical characteristics, (2) distribution characteristics, (3) lithologic structure characteristics, and (4) hydrocarbon expulsion characteristics. This paper is expected to provide a reference for the exploration and development of shale oil in Jiyang Depression.

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