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Effects of 1-Kestose and Nystose on the Intestinal Microorganisms and Immune System in Mice
Noboru YoshidaWakako SatouShuko HataYasuyuki TakedaShuichi OnoderaKouichi AndoNorio Shiomi
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2006 Volume 53 Issue 3 Pages 175-180


We investigated the effects of the major short chain fructooligosaccharides, 1-kestose and nystose, on the intestinal microorganisms and on the intestinal and systemic immune responses of mice. Both 1-kestose and nystose promoted intestinal Lactobacillus number. However, the balance of Lb. reuteri and Lb. intestinalis, the major Lactobacillus species in the mice was not altered. The IgA content in the feces of mice treated with both 1-kestose and nystose increased from day 4 to day 7 after starting the administration and returned to the same level of control mice on day 14. Splenocyte responses to Con A, anti-CD3 plus anti-CD28 antibodies and LPS were reduced by 1-kestose and nystose. Nystose lowered IL-2, IFN-γ, IL-12 and IL-4 secretion from the splenocytes more than 1-kestose. These results suggested that both 1-kestose and nystose can influence the microorganisms as well as the intestinal and systemic immune responses, but to different degrees.

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