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Properties of a Nigerose and Nigerosylmaltooligosaccharides-supplemented Syrup
Takeshi YamamotoTakehiro UnnoMasayoshi SugawaralToshinao Goda
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1999 Volume 46 Issue 4 Pages 475-482


A nigerose and nigerosylmaltooligosaccharides-supplemented syrup (Taste-OligoTM) was developed by the transglucosylation of the enzyme from Acremonium sp. on an industrial scale. Taste-OligoTM has a mellow and rich taste of good body. The properties of Taste-OligoTM such as viscosity, osmotic pressure and water activity are almost the same as that of sucrose. Also, this syrup showed high hydroscopicity, high moisture retaining activity and heat stability by the Candy test as compared with sucrose. All the tested disaccharides having α-glucosidic linkage were hydrolyzed by brush border membranes of rat jejunum. The hydrolyzing activity for nigerose was about 86% of that for maltose. Furthermore, the hydrolyzing activity for nigerosylmaltooligosaccharides was nearly the same as that for maltooligosaccharides and sucrose. Additionally, Taste-OligoTM was degraded to about 98% glucose by brush border membranes of rat jejunum. From these results, we believe that the calories of nigerose and nigerosylmaltooligosaccharides are 4 kcal/g, the same as for maltooligosaccharides, sucrose and lactose.

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