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Quantitative Assessment of Effective Energy of Resistant Cornstarch Using 13CO2, H2, and CH4 Breath Tests
Maki KinoyamaHayami NittaYuko HataseAkiharu Watanabe
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2007 年 53 巻 4 号 p. 475-480


We calculated the effective energy of a resistant cornstarch (HB-450) by using 13CO2, H2, and CH4 breath tests to assess HB-450 digestion and fermentation in healthy female subjects. On the basis of the areas under the curves (AUCs) for the concentrations of 13CO2 and H2 following ingestion of 40 g of HB-450, 23.0±6.8 g was digested in the upper digestive tract and 3.6±2.1 g was fermented by intestinal flora. The effective energy of the 40 g dose was thus calculated as 2.5±0.8 kcal/g. These results indicate that 13CO2, H2, and CH4 breath tests are useful for measuring the effective energy of resistant cornstarch.

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