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Journal of Health Science
Vol. 54 (2008) No. 5 P 559-566




We examined the effect of oral intake of pure glucosylceramide derived from konjac extract on skin barrier function evaluated by transepidermal water loss (TEWL) in hairless mice with sodium dodecyl sulfate (SDS)-induced skin roughness. The difference of TEWL between SDS-treated site and untreated sites in the pure glucosylceramide-fed group was significantly lower than that in control group on day 14 of ingestion. We investigated interleukin-1α (IL-1α) production in the hairless mouse skin, and it was significantly lower in the glucosylceramide-fed group than that of control animals. This reduced IL-1α production should contribute to improvement of skin barrier function. To investigate the effect of oral intake of glucosylceramide in human, we conducted a randomized double-blind placebo-controlled study including 100 healthy subjects whose TEWL in cheek was relatively high. As a result, cheek TEWL was significantly lower in the test product group as compared with the control group in weeks 8 and 12 of ingestion (p=0.023 and p=0.002 respectively).

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