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Vol. 56 (1985-1986) No. 3 P 179-182



An inventory form for the personality description based on the principle of the three traits theory for the work curve of the Uchida-Kraepelin psychodiagnostic test was investigated from the factor-analytic point of view. Three kinds of analyses were performed. First of all, the 66 items of the present form were administrated and a tentative orthogonal factor solution was obtained. Secondly, the 20 items for a simplified pattern in the sense of “simple structure” were selected based on the result of the first factor rotation, and the further orthogonal factor rotation was applied to the data based on the selected items so that the assumption for the three traits, primacy (A), variability (B), and, recency (C) were confirmed factor-analytically. Finally, in order to increase the number of items for providing an extended form for academic and practical use, more 10 items were added to the 20 items of the second analysis after applying the third orthogonal factor rotation so that the new form consisting of 30 items was obtained. Some relationships between the jrsent work and the one of Eysenck and Eysenck (1968) were discussed.

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