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Expression of Relaxin Family Peptide Receptors 1 and 3 in the Ovarian Follicle of Japanese Quail
Khoi X. HoangMei MatsuzakiTetsuya KohsakaTomohiro Sasanami
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2024 年 61 巻 論文ID: 2024005


In our previous studies, we demonstrated that the primary source of relaxin 3 (RLN3) in Japanese quail is ovarian granulosa cells. Although several relaxin family peptide (RXFP) receptors have been sequenced, the intricacies of these receptors in avian species remain insufficiently clarified. Therefore, we assessed the expression of RXFP receptors, RXFP1 and 3, in Japanese quail. Using RT-PCR, we found that both RXFP1 and 3 were ubiquitously expressed. The expression level of RXFP1 is significantly higher in the ovarian theca layer, indicating that it is the primary receptor for RLN3 in the ovary. During follicular development, there was an elevation in thecal RXFP1 expression, but it declined after the luteinizing hormone (LH) surge. We found that the protease activity of the 60 kDa band increased after the LH surge, suggesting the involvement of RLN3 signaling in ovulation. These results suggest a paracrine role of RLN3, involving its binding with RXFP1 in ovarian theca cells. This interaction may elicit biological actions, potentially initiating ovulation after the LH surge.

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