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Periodic and Local LED Light Switching Induces Broiler Locomotion
Shingo KusudaChikamitsu OshimaTakaoki SaneyasuKazuhisa Honda
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2024 年 61 巻 論文ID: 2024009


Wooden breast myopathy and leg weakness are serious problems in the broiler chicken industry. The color and intensity of light in the chicken habitat affect behavior, including walking of chicks. The present study was conducted to determine whether periodic and local light switching induces locomotion and affects wooden breast myopathy and leg weakness in broiler chicks. Thirty five-day-old broiler chicks were assigned to two pens (4.72 m × 0.73 m each). In the control pen, chicks were reared under three white-light emitting diode (LED) lights until they were 42 days old. In the other pen, chicks were reared under a white LED light located in the center, supplemented with blue or red LED lights on either side of the pen. The color of the LED lights changed every 3 h, from blue and red to red and blue. From 21 d of age, all LED lights were changed and only one of the side lights was turned on every 3 h. From 35 d of age, all three white lights were turned on until 42 d of age. Periodic and local color switching and on-off switching significantly induced locomotion in broiler chicks. Wooden breast scores tended to improve with light-switching treatment. The tibia length, diameter, and breaking strength were not significantly affected. This is the first report showing that locomotion may be induced in broiler chicks by periodic and local lighting switching, and may be useful for improving the health status of broiler chicks.

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