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Development of Design Portfolio Progress Support System Using RFID and Its Application to Mechanical Design
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There are many students in the mechanical design classes. Also, there are multiple teachers and teaching assistants. Therefore, it is difficult for each faculty member to know the progress status of each student and teaching from each faculty member. In response to this, we created a design portfolio that keeps track of the student's approach, calculation process, and what was taught, so that teachers can make appropriate guidance according to each student's progress. It was used to provide individual guidance. In addition, We created a program to support design calculation and used it to teach design calculation. Also, because there are more students than faculty members, we have developed an RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) based input system so that teachers can check the work of students without waiting for the students. By monitoring the progress of the student's design portfolio using the RFID of the system, the teacher was able to discuss and guide each of all students (around 80 in total) in the class time. In this paper, we introduce a case study using RFID system developed to make design calculation program more effective in the mechanical design classes.

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