Journal of Veterinary Medical Science
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Print ISSN : 0916-7250
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Veterinary Science Award Winner’s (No.122) Commemorative Review
How does Toxoplama gondii invade host cells?
Kentaro KATO
ジャーナル フリー

2018 年 80 巻 11 号 p. 1702-1706


Toxoplasma gondii is a highly prevalent protozoon that can infect all warm-blooded animals, including humans. It is frequently used as an Apicomplexan parasite model in research. In this review, the invasion mechanism of T. gondii is described as a representative Apicomplexan parasite. The invasion machinery of T. gondii consists of the moving junction and the glideosome, which is a specific motor system for Apicomplexan parasites. I provide details about the moving junction, parasite-secreted proteins and host adhesion receptors, the glideosome, and calcium signaling, which generates the power for the gliding mobility of T. gondii. A detailed understanding of parasite invasion can be useful for the development of new effective drugs to inhibit this event and disrupt the Apicomplexan life cycle.


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