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Flow Behavior of Particles in a Storage Vessel of a Table Feeder [Translated]
Hiroaki MasudaZhong-qi HanTakashi KadowakiYuji Kawamura
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1984 Volume 2 Pages 16-23


The flow behavior of particles was studied with particular attention to the effect of the inclination of a storage vessel and/or turn table of a table feeder. The effect of a converging hopper of the storage vessel and the effect of scrappers were also studied.
It was found that the particle flow was intensely distorted by slight inclination (as small as two degrees) of the storage vessel or the turn table. The distortion is found to be more intense for the vessel inclination than for the table inclination, and becomes more intense as the inclination increases. The discharge rate of the feeder increases exponentially with the angle of inclination. The flow distortion was, however, controlled by using scrapers at suitable positions.
It was also found that a new theoretical equation for a cylindrical vessel was successfully adapted for estimation of the effect of skirt clearance on the discharge rate of a table feeder.

This report was originally printed in J. Soc. Powder Technology, Japan, 20 (8), 479-485 (1983) in Japanese, before being translated into English by KONA Editorial Committee with the permission of the editorial committee of the Soc. Powder Technology, Japan.

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