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Synthesis of Precision Gold Nanoparticles Using Turkevich Method
Jiaqi DongPaul L. CarpinoneGeorgios PyrgiotakisPhilip DemokritouBrij M. Moudgil
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2020 Volume 37 Pages 224-232


Gold nanoparticles (AuNPs) exhibit unique size-dependent physiochemical properties that make them attractive for a wide range of applications. However, the large-scale availability of precision AuNPs has been minimal. Not only must the required nanoparticles be of precise size and morphology, but they must also be of exceedingly narrow size distribution to yield accurate and reliable performance. The present study aims to synthesize precision AuNPs and to assess the advantages and limitations of the Turkevich method—one of the common chemical synthesis technique. Colloidal AuNPs from 15 nm to 50 nm in diameter were synthesized using the Turkevich method. The effect of the molar ratio of the reagent mixture (trisodium citrate to gold chloride), the scaled-up batch size, the initial gold chloride concentration, and the reaction temperature was studied. The morphology, optical property, surface chemistry, and chemical composition of AuNPs were thoroughly characterized. It was determined that the as-synthesized AuNPs between 15 nm and 30 nm exhibit well-defined size and shape, and narrow size distribution (PDI < 0.20). However, the AuNPs became more polydispersed and less spherical in shape as the particle size increased.

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