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5 巻 , 2 号
Mini Review
  • Akiko Eto, Yasuhiro Kanatani
    原稿種別: MINI REVIEWS
    2018 年 5 巻 2 号 p. 50-52
    発行日: 2018年
    公開日: 2018/09/29
    研究報告書・技術報告書 オープンアクセス
    Countermeasures against bioterrorism have increased since September 11 and anthrax attacks in the United States of America in 2001. The “Strategy to Make Japan the Safest Country in the World” was approved by the Cabinet in 2013. Strengthening countermeasures against naturally-occurring infectious disease outbreaks implies strengthening countermeasures against bioterrorism; however, the latter bears particular challenges. One of these challenges is the approval of counter-terrorism therapeutic or prophylactic agents, since the use of these agents is rare. To move up the market for innovative drug candidates, the “SAKIGAKE” designation scheme was introduced on a pilot basis by the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare in 2015. It is hoped that this scheme will be also applicable for counter-terrorism agents.
Original Article
  • Thuy Phung, Huong Do, Hisahiko Iwamoto, Keita Suzuki, Dat Tran, Kazuo ...
    2018 年 5 巻 2 号 p. 53-55
    発行日: 2018年
    公開日: 2018/09/29
    研究報告書・技術報告書 オープンアクセス
    A new commercial rapid diagnostic test for 10-min for adenovirus (ADV) and respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) is now available for rapid diagnosis. The sensitivity and the specificity of these rapid diagnostic tests were compared to real-time PCR which is a “golden standard” for detecting ADV and RSV. Here, we assessed the 150 of real-time PCRpositive samples for ADV and 100 for RSV, and 81 (54%) and 63 (63%) of them were positive with rapid diagnostic test, respectively. The sensitivity of the rapid diagnostic test was 54% for ADV and 63.0% for RSV. Accordingly, the samples showing over 30 Ct in real-time PCR were detected by the ADV rapid diagnostic test and over 24 Ct by the RSV rapid diagnostic test. These results indicated that these test kits performed well enough to be used for rapid diagnosis of patients infected with ADV and RSV after 10- min with simple step.
Special Report