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Volume 54 , Issue 2
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  • Shinya NAKAMURA
    2017 Volume 54 Issue 2 Pages 37-45
    Published: 2017
    Released: June 01, 2017

      Scientists and engineers adopt various investigative approaches in the study of slip surfaces aiming at understanding landslides better to configure ways of preventing and/or mitigating such disasters. There are many studies that have focused on shear strength characteristics of slip surface soils, and similar studies still continue to develop to accommodate accuracy improvement and refinement of shear apparatus, or the utilization of newly-developed equipment. In the current context of progress in this field in terms of quantifying forming factors and micro/macro structural features of slip surface soil/zone, interesting results are obtained by technology upgrades of monitoring and sampling, and by price reduction of monitoring devices. The author reviews those recent studies and makes a statement about results, outcomes and trends while reaffirmed the concept of a “residual strength.” Furthermore, the review mentions examples of research themes, which merit intensified research effort in the near future.

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