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Volume 55 , Issue 4
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Research note
  • Hiromasa HIURA, Akira SUEMINE, Hiroyuki MAEDA, Gonghui WANG, Gen FURUY ...
    2018 Volume 55 Issue 4 Pages 153-162
    Published: 2018
    Released: September 07, 2018

      As for the groundwater in the area of landslide, to know the source of it, the place to where the groundwater flows in and the distribution of the groundwater vein lead to the well understanding of the effect of groundwater on the landslide activities and subsequently to the reasonable planning of drainage works. In this article, authors deal with how the groundwater vein is inferred in three crystalline schist landslides in Shikoku, Japan. Among chemical indices of groundwater quality, two major anions HCO3- ion and SO42- ion were proved to be significant. Weathering and/or weakening of whole sliding body depends on HCO3- ion, while SO42- ion affects strongly to the weathering of pelitic schist, which is closely connected to the formation of the slip surface. From the point view of hydrogeology, the geological structure of the slide zone restricts fairly the development of underground water vein. Using only the solved ingredients for the purpose of detecting groundwater vein is not necessarily sufficient as a methodology, authors have confirmed that the presented way could attain a certain level of research.

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