JSTE Journal of Traffic Engineering
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Volume 6 , Issue 6
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Paper (1) Fundamental/Applied Academic Research
  • Yasuhiro SHIOMI
    2020 Volume 6 Issue 6 Pages 1-10
    Published: 2020
    Released: October 01, 2020
    Traffic safety is still one of the most concerned problems in Japan. It is required to find the efficient and effective countermeasures to enhance the safety of signalized intersections where more than half of traffic accidents occur. In this study, we apply meta-analysis on the relationship between the countermeasures taken for rear end collisions and their outcomes by using “evaluation chart of safety treatment of signalized intersections” in which the details of the countermeasures and outcomes for an intersection are recorded. As a result, it is found that i) the countermeasures can be divided into four packages and one of them is taken in accordance with the characteristics of a target intersection, ii) shortening the distance between stop lines is effective, while the impact may differ with the original size of the intersection, and iii) the area of intersections can be a useful index representing compactness of an intersection.
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