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  • ゴロウィナ クセーニヤ
    2016年 29 巻 15-29
    発行日: 2016年
    公開日: 2021/05/14
    ジャーナル フリー

    This study focuses on the Russian-speaking community in Japan, aiming to establish how these migrants find and organize their homes in the host country. This, in turn, helps shed light on circumstances surrounding common housing for the large foreign population in Japan. The study draws on data (comprising cyber-ethnography, online questionnaires, and interviews) gathered in Japan during research funded as a Lifology Project by the Japan Society of Lifology (October 2015–March 2016). The survey allowed researchers to obtain and analyze a considerable amount of demographic data about migrant community members, types of dwellings in which they lived prior to migration, experiences pertaining to renting apartments in Japan, housing purchase history, types of buildings and layouts of apartments and houses they currently inhabit. Data also includes likes and dislikes about Japanese housing, along with routes, measures, and objects they employ to make these dwellings more livable and authentic. Study results revealed that to feel comfortable in their Japanese homes, Russian-speaking migrants must undergo a lengthy transformative process of trial and error to adjust and readjust their expectations, which are often rooted in customs and beliefs of their country of origin and influenced by housing methods established in post-Soviet countries.

  • 東木 龍七
    1931年 7 巻 10 号 812-828
    発行日: 1931/10/01
    公開日: 2008/12/24
    ジャーナル フリー
  • 商店主・元商店主・地域外商店主の役割の相互補完に着目して
    今野 美里, 後藤 春彦, 佐藤 宏亮
    2009年 44.3 巻 187-192
    発行日: 2009/10/25
    公開日: 2017/01/01
    ジャーナル オープンアクセス
  • *坂本 康介, 玉川 洋一, 小川 泉, 藤田 剛志
    日本原子力学会 年会・大会予稿集
    2013年 2013s 巻 I21
    発行日: 2013年
    公開日: 2013/07/31
    会議録・要旨集 認証あり
  • 平田 祐介, 三上 修
    Bird Research
    2016年 12 巻 A19-A29
    発行日: 2016年
    公開日: 2016/06/26
    ジャーナル フリー
    都市部に生息する2種のカラス,ハシブトガラス Corvus macrorhynchos とハシボソガラス C. corone は,しばしば家庭から出たごみ袋をつつき,あたりにごみを散乱させ,悪臭や景観を悪くする問題を引き起こしている.そこで,どのような出し方をされたごみが荒らされやすいかを函館市において調査した.2015年12月と2016年1月に,函館市内において,計20か所の調査地域を設定し,それぞれ100件のごみ収集かごのデータを得るまで徒歩で調査を行なった.合計2,000件のデータを解析した結果,
  • Yonghan PAIK, 高岡 正敏, 松岡 裕之, 石井 明
    1992年 43 巻 1 号 29-35
    発行日: 1992/03/15
    公開日: 2016/08/24
    ジャーナル フリー
    4軒から季節ごとに2年間にわたり屋内塵を集め, 宮本・大内法により顕微鏡でダニ相を調べ, 酵素抗体阻止法によりヒョウヒダニ抗原量を測定した。チリダニ科のダニが採集されたダニ9,638匹のうち70.5%を占めDermatophagoides farinae(コナヒョウヒダニ)が55.5%で最優占種であった。ダニ数もダニ抗原量も秋にいちばん高く, 冬にいちばん低かった。いずれも
    のほうがアパートより高かった。ダニ数とダニ抗原量の間には有意の相関を認めた(r=0.45)。ダニ数がアパートに少なく, 日本に比し韓国に少ないことについて, 家族数, 床面積また床暖房(オンドル)の使用などとの関連において考察した。
  • グールヴィッチとの隔たり
    國領 佳樹
    2019年 22 巻 61-78
    発行日: 2019/02/28
    公開日: 2019/03/18
    ジャーナル フリー

    As many people accept, Merleau-Ponty was influenced by the writings of A. Gurwitsch, who integrated insights from gestalt psychology and Husserl’s phenomenology. However, Merleau-Ponty hardly mentioned him in public. So, it is unclear how Merleau-Ponty evaluated Gurwitsch’s phenomenological philosophy and whether or not there were essential differences between their philosophies.

    The aim of this paper is to explicate the tendency of realistic phenomenology in Merleau-Ponty’s early works, particularly Phenomenology of Perception. In doing so, I will suggest that there is a fundamental conflict between the writings of Merleau-Ponty and Gurwitsch, even though they are equally inspired by gestalt psychology and Husserl’s phenomenology. My argument goes broadly as follows.

    First, I clarify the issue that both Merleau-Ponty and Gurwitsch deal with. Second, I suggest that they have different attitudes on the issue. Finally, I point out that Merleau-Ponty’s realistic insight makes his approach different from Gurwitsch’s one.

  • 京都府における田舎暮らし希望者に対するアンケートに基づいて
    中西 宏彰, 桂 明宏
    2007年 43 巻 1 号 95-100
    発行日: 2007/06/25
    公開日: 2011/09/05
    ジャーナル フリー
  • 李 周浩
    2009年 27 巻 6 号 640-642
    発行日: 2009年
    公開日: 2011/11/15
    ジャーナル フリー
  • 沖中 由美
    2017年 40 巻 4 号 4_649-4_656
    発行日: 2017/09/07
    公開日: 2017/10/21
    [早期公開] 公開日: 2017/08/30
    ジャーナル フリー
  • 大久保 智生, 半澤 礼之, 杉本 希映, 石本 雄真, 金子 泰之, 浅川 潔司, 永作 稔
    2013年 55 巻 JD10
    発行日: 2013/07/29
    公開日: 2017/03/30
    会議録・要旨集 フリー
  • 大塚 祐輔, 平間 一樹, 横田 賀英子, 渡邉 和美, 和智 妙子
    2017年 22 巻 1 号 25-34
    発行日: 2017年
    公開日: 2017/01/28
    [早期公開] 公開日: 2016/09/30
    ジャーナル フリー
     The present study compared decision tree analysis to logistic regression analysis in order to investigate whether decision tree analysis has sufficient ability to construct a model that predicts offender characteristics from the crime scene and/or victim information. The data used in this study were collected from solved single homicide cases that occurred in Japan between 2004 and 2009 (n=1226). After constructing models that predict offender's criminal history by logistic regression analysis and decision tree analysis, AUC (area under the ROC curve) of those models and the predictive values were compared. The AUC was .75 (p<.001) for logistic regression model and .71 (p<.001) for the decision tree model. A significant difference between these AUCs was not observed (χ2(1)=3.71, p=.05). The predictive values were 67.3% for both the logistic regression model and the decision tree model. These findings suggest that the decision tree is comparable to logistic regression analysis in constructing a model that predicts the offender's criminal history from offence characteristics in single homicide cases.
  • 原田 章
    2009年 27 巻 83-90
    発行日: 2009/03/20
    公開日: 2021/09/03
    研究報告書・技術報告書 フリー
  • 樋口 芳朗
    1989年 27 巻 1 号 10-12
    発行日: 1989/01/01
    公開日: 2013/04/26
    ジャーナル フリー
  • 中村 純, 甲藤 次郎
    1953年 3 巻 1 号 14-16
    発行日: 1953/08/20
    公開日: 2017/08/10
    ジャーナル フリー
    A clay bed including plant remains, situated in the suburbs of Kochi city was studied Palynologically. As the results of pollenanalytical studies, this bed shows a dominance of conifer forest throughout. While the deciduous broad-leaved trees are of less important and tends to decrease upward. The floral composition shown in this bed is similar to that of the present community at the height of about 800-1000 m in this district. From this fact it may be inferred that this bed was deposited in cooler and wetter climate. The age of deposition seems to be younger than that of Pliocene beds already published by Nakamura. (1951,1952) But more detailed correlation of this bed still remains for the future when many more analytical results have been obtained.
  • 都市住宅学
    2006年 2006 巻 54 号 47-48
    発行日: 2006/07/30
    公開日: 2012/08/01
    ジャーナル フリー
  • 根本 泰行
    2004年 28 巻 3 号 33-36
    発行日: 2004年
    公開日: 2011/01/27
    ジャーナル フリー
  • 石川 尭海, 荒 奏美, 三上 修
    Bird Research
    2017年 13 巻 A43-A53
    発行日: 2017年
    公開日: 2017/11/30
    ジャーナル フリー


  • 矢野 亨
    2017年 137 巻 6 号 853-861
    発行日: 2017/06/01
    公開日: 2017/06/01
    ジャーナル 認証あり

    We present a statistical analysis of French household electricity demand data. By distributing HEMS sets to 200 French volunteer families, we collected data of measuring units of household electricity demand from April of 2014 to March of 2015. Focusing four features, electrical energy consumption, maximum power, difference between maximum power and 99 percentile point of power, and load factor, we analyzed relations between these features and attributes collected from the 114 French volunteer families who responded to questionnaires. Our analysis shows that the amounts of electrical energy consumption of the valid respondents who used electrical heating appliances in their living rooms were 700 kWh more than those of the valid respondents who used non-electrical heating appliances in their living rooms in winter. From our analysis result, we consider that the families who used electrical heating appliances in their living rooms consumed large amounts of electricity over a long time. In order to reduce high electricity demand in winter in France, HEMS (Home Energy Management System) may be necessary for advanced heating control.

  • 住宅化が進む商店街の交流機能に着目して
    今野 美里, 後藤 春彦, 佐藤 宏亮
    2011年 76 巻 670 号 2317-2325
    発行日: 2011/12/30
    公開日: 2012/03/02
    ジャーナル フリー
    Neighboring shopping districts have always been commercial space required by local residents, and at the same time, they have played an important role as a forum in everyday life. However, many exhausted local shopping districts are lately under “residentializing” process.
    This research investigates the followings in 64 local shopping districts in Edogawa-ku, Tokyo that may “residentialize” :
    1. The actual conditions of “residentialization” in local shopping district
    2. The actual conditions of resident's daily life in “residentializing” shopping district.
    By comparing these shopping districts by their location, it is found that change in space and change in commercial function within local shopping district have influenced its interaction function, and as a result, it is clarified that the lifestyle is changing in local shopping district.