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Food Science and Technology Research
Vol. 22 (2016) No. 6 p. 801-810



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We performed random-centroid optimization to determine the optimum preparative method for glycation of chicken myofibrillar proteins (Mfs) with the strongest antioxidative activity against hydroxyl radicals (·OH) and with more than 60% solubility in low ion strength medium. Four factors, temperature, relative humidity (RH), reaction time, and quantity of maltose, were selected and 13 vertices were obtained. The examination was carried out according to each vertex and the optimum conditions were sought, resulting in 57.4°C, 37.3% RH, 37.2 h of reaction time, and a maltose mixing ratio of 5.43 for Mfs (w/w). The ·OH-averting capacity (HORAC) was measured as 7.8 ± 1.0 µmol of gallic acid (GA) equivalent/g of protein. Moreover, the optimized glycated chicken Mfs could form a gel by a 30-min heating at 90°C, and this gel maintained the antioxidant ability. Its HORAC was 4.4 ± 1.7 µmol of GA equivalent/g of protein.

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