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An α2,3-Linked Sialylglycopolymer as a Multivalent Glycoligand Against Avian and Human Influenza Viruses
Tomonari TanakaYiting ZhouChihiro TamotoYuuki KurebayashiTadanobu TakahashiTakashi Suzuki
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Article ID: jag.JAG-2017_003


A glycopolymer bearing α2,3-linked sialyltrisaccharides was synthesized by living radical polymerization using a glycomonomer prepared by a protecting-group-free process, direct azidation of the free sialyllactose, and subsequent azide-alkyne cycloaddition. The prepared glycopolymer with pendant 3´-sialyllactose moieties strongly interacted with both avian and human influenza viruses analyzed by the hemagglutination inhibition assay and the quartz crystal microbalance method.

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