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Vol. 53 (1982-1983) No. 1 P 54-57



This study attempted to examine the internal structure of Snyder's Self-Monitoring (SM) scale. Factor analysis of SM scale yielded three factors: Extraversion, Other-Directedness, and Acting. In correlational analyses with other personality measures, Extraversion correlated positively with Maudsley Personality Inventory-E (MPI-E) scale and Self-Esteem scale and negatively with Social anxiety of Self-Consciousness (SC) scale. Other-Directedness correlated positively with Public Self-Consciousness of SC scale. Acting correlated positively with MPI-E scale. Extraversion factor was founded to discribe the behavior of extraverts. Other-Directedness factor was interpreted to be a concern for the appropriateness of social behavior. Acting factor was related to tactfulness and liking for speaking to and entertaining others. These three factors showed highly positive inter-correlations, and each factor had some degree of internal consistency. These findings suggested that the factorial structure of the SM scale was not unidimensional but multidimensional.

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