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2020 年 140 巻 2 号 p. 301-312


In Japanese pharmaceutical education, the Model Core Curriculum was revised in 2013 to train pharmacists who can appropriately evaluate literature and use evidence-based medicine (EBM). However, in the investigation of EBM education at pharmaceutical universities in 2015, it was found that literature evaluation was hardly performed in the education of undergraduate students. One of the reason is the lack of EBM lecturers at each universities. Therefore, we adopted team-based learning (TBL) to educate more than 50 undergraduate students on the practical evaluation of literatures and the understanding of EBM concepts. The learning outcomes of this strategy were evaluated using the scores of individual tests before and after the class. As a result, the mean scores on the post-test significantly improved from 4.34 to 6.42 out of 10 total points (p<0.001). We further administered a questionnaire survey regarding the understanding of EBM (the mean score was 4.12). In conclusion, it was suggested that TBL for a large number was effective in EBM education for providing knowledge of literature evaluation and the understanding of fundamental concepts.

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