Fire Science and Technology
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Volume 36 , Issue 1
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  • Yusuke Koshiba, Takuya Tomita, Hideo Ohtani
    2017 Volume 36 Issue 1 Pages 1-9
    Published: 2017
    Released: December 26, 2017

    This paper proposes a novel fire suppressant: a ferrocene-containing oil-in-water (O/W) emulsion. In this study, oil-in-water emulsions containing a surfactant (triton X-100) and ferrocene (0-500 ppm) were prepared and their stabilities and capabilities to extinguish pool fires were investigated. The resulting O/W emulsions exhibited no phase separation for at least one month. Suppression experiments clearly demonstrated that (1) the ferrocene-containing O/W emulsions have a high suppression capability even if the emulsion contained 1.05-wt% n-octane and that (2) the suppression capability is positively correlated with the ferrocene concentration in the 0-500 ppm concentration range.

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  • Xuansu Zhao, Hideki Yoshioka, Takafumi Noguchi, Satoshi Fujimoto, Yuta ...
    2017 Volume 36 Issue 1 Pages 11-24
    Published: 2017
    Released: December 26, 2017

    Current Building Standard Law of Japan estimates fire toxicity of building material in case of fire by gas toxicity test using mice. Because it is an animal test, some problems are identified such as the impossibility of quantitative analysis, and from ethical viewpoints. Gas analysis method is needed as an alternative. In this research, authors report FTIR (Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy) analysis of gases generated from building materials using gas toxicity test equipment and a tube furnace. The possibility of replacing animal test with FTIR gas analysis test was discussed.

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