Fire Science and Technology
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Volume 5 , Issue 2
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  • Tetsuya Nishimoto, Masanori Hosoya, Jun Kodama, Masahiro Morita
    1985 Volume 5 Issue 2 Pages 123-128
    Published: 1985
    Released: September 16, 2009
    Thermogravimetry of coal has been carried out by changing the oxygen concentration of the heating atmosphere, and the effect of oxygen in the concentration of 1-60% flow gas has been discussed based on the thermogravimetric curves. The kinetic parameters of exothermic oxidizing reaction of coal in the thermogravimetric, which has one of the critical effects on the spontaneous combustion of coal storage have been discussed, and also the available parameters have been evaluated.
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  • Fumio Hayashi, Takanobu Watanabe
    1985 Volume 5 Issue 2 Pages 129-140
    Published: 1985
    Released: September 16, 2009
    In order to study telecommunications cable combustion characteristics, a 100m long, ventilated full-scale tunnel was constructed to facilitate measurement of the temperatures inside the tunnel and those of its wall as well the velocities of two-layer countercurrents. Experimental results showed that the temperature distribution along the length of the tunnel was linear on logarithmic temperature. More than 80% of the dissipated calories obtained from the results were seen to be absorbed into the tunnel wall, and over 10% of the dissipated calories escaped as a gas flow out of the tunnel.
    It was further found that a great volume of ethylene gas, which was generated from polyethylene cable sheath by heat decomposition, was included in the flow of the fire products. This gas did not burn because air-inflow from the tunnel fan was observed to be limited. Measured temperatures inside the tunnel indicated that polyethylene ignition point temperatures were never exceeded beyond about 40m downstream of the burned end of the cables. A 40m long fire-proof cable compartment design was evaluated and found to be effective in stopping the fire spread along an unenclosed upstream segment of cable bundle.
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  • Soichiro Okishio, Takashi Handa
    1985 Volume 5 Issue 2 Pages 141-147
    Published: 1985
    Released: September 16, 2009
    A wooden hotel fire occurred on February 21, 1983 and it caused the death of 11 persons. The hotel located near the famous Zaou Skiing Ground and the majority of the guests were skiers. An examination and analysis were made on the behavior of the hotel's guests who had been registered at that time. The items examined and analyzed in this paper were the guest's means of awaking, the first six actions of the guests following their awakening, the guests' means of becoming aware of the fire and the first ten actions of the guests following their recognition of the fire incident.
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  • Kyriakos K. Papaioannou
    1985 Volume 5 Issue 2 Pages 165-172
    Published: 1985
    Released: September 16, 2009
    There are in many countries troughout the world historic buildings and areas which consist a historical and cultural heritage with national or sometimes international sighificance. Experts in restoration and preservation of such monuments are usually little concerned with fire safety problems, although it is a serious danger to the buildings and their valuable contents which more often are irreplaceable. Architects and conservationists very often have reservations on and express their opposition to the intervention of those engineers and Authorities concerned with the protection of buildings and life safety.
    There is nowadays a lack of reference in scientific literature to fire precautions in historic buildings and areas. Most of the documents refer to fire protection of museums, archives and libraries which only have some fire problems in common with those of historic permises and areas. The main concern for museums and libraries is the protection of their contents while for historic buildings it is the structure and the environment as well.
    This article is a first approach to the fire problem of a historic area in Greece, named "Mt Athos" which consists of a historical and cultural monument of international significance.
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