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Volume 12, Issue 1
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  • -Maximize Usage of Road Width Like A Skilled Human Driver-
    Yoshiaki Irie, Daisuke Akasaka
    2021 Volume 12 Issue 1 Pages 24-31
    Published: 2021
    Released on J-STAGE: February 23, 2021
    Recently, many companies have been working on developing technologies for automated driving. For automotive companies, one of the challenges is to realize the automated driving with safety and reliability. This paper addresses a trajectory generation method using model predictive control (MPC) for the control development of the automated driving. Using the MPC, the design method of a steering control will be proposed in order to generate trajectory and develop a practical algorithm considering a product implementation. More concretely, we propose the design method of 1) online trajectory generation to maximize use of an entire road width like a skilled driver that has a significant experience in driving and 2) smooth trajectory correction whenever the vehicle slips away from an appropriate trajectory, which are useful for actual product development.
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