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Enhancement of Oxidative Stability of Perilla Seed Oil by Blending It with Other Vegetable Oils
Akriti DhyaniPriyanka Kumari SinghRajni ChopraMeenakshi Garg
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2022 年 71 巻 8 号 p. 1135-1144


Perilla seed oil is mainly composed of omega-3 fatty acid (α-linolenic acid, ALA). Despite being nutritionally favorable and rich in unsaturated fatty acids, its low oxidative stability limits its application in food. Thus, the present study aimed to formulate a stable oil blend using perilla seed oil with selected vegetable oil of higher stability characteristics and balance the ratio of the fatty acids. Hence, improving the nutritional and functional value of the blended oil. Perilla seed oil was blended with different edible oil (palm olein, coconut oil, and groundnut oil) in ratios of 20:80 and 30:70. All the blended oils were studied for their fatty acid composition, physicochemical properties, oxidative stability, and nutritional quality index. It was found that perilla seed oil blended with saturated oil like palm olein had improved physicochemical properties and oxidative stability (0.5 h to 6.5 h). The fatty acids ratio of perilla and palm olein blends was close to the recommended value given by the World health organization (WHO). The nutritional quality indices (atherogenic index, the thrombogenic index, and hypocholesterolemic: hypercholesterolemic ratio) of blended oil were also improved compared to the individual oils.

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