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The Pharmaceutical Society of Japan, established in 1880, is one of Japan’s oldest and most distinguished academic societies. The Society currently has around 18,000 members. It publishes three monthly scientific journals. Chemical and Pharmaceutical Bulletin (Chem. Pharm. Bull.) began publication in 1953 as Pharmaceutical Bulletin. It covers chemistry fields in the pharmaceutical and health sciences. Biological and Pharmaceutical Bulletin (Biol. Pharm. Bull.) began publication in 1978 as the Journal of Pharmacobio-Dynamics. It covers various biological topics in the pharmaceutical and health sciences. A fourth Society journal, the Journal of Health Science, was merged with Biol. Pharm. Bull. in 2012. Yakugaku Zasshi (Japanese for “Pharmaceutical Science Journal”) has the longest history, with publication beginning in 1881. Yakugaku Zasshi is published mostly in Japanese, except for some articles related to clinical pharmacy and pharmaceutical education, which are published in English.
The main aim of the Society’s journals is to advance the pharmaceutical sciences with research reports, information exchange, and high-quality discussion. The average review time for articles submitted to the journals is around one month for first decision. The complete texts of all of the Society’s journals can be freely accessed through J-STAGE. The Society’s editorial committee hopes that the content of its journals will be useful to your research, and also invites you to submit your own work to the journals.

Chairman of Committee
Ken-ichi Hosoya
Graduate School of Medicine and Pharmaceutical Sciences, University of Toyama

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Volume 66 (2018) Issue 3 Pages 303-308
Development of Triazine-Based Benzylating Reagents Possessing t-Butyl Group on the Triazine Core: Thermally Controllable Reagents for the Initiation of Reaction Read more
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This paper describes the development of triazine-based benzylating reagents, 4-(4,6-di-t-butyl-1,3,5-triazin-2-yl)-4-benzylmorpholinium triflate, and related derivatives. These reagents generate benzyl triflate (BnOTf) as a benzyl cation equivalent upon heating the solution to 40 °C under neutral conditions. The incorporation of a bulky t-butyl group into the triazine ring of the reagents prevents the formation of N-benzyltriaziniums, which are byproducts from the reaction of BnOTf and co-products, morpholinotriazine derivatives. O-Benzylation of various alcohols with a stoichiometric amount of these reagents proceeded in good yields.

Volume 66 (2018) Issue 3 Pages 286-294
Fragment-Based Discovery of Pyrimido[1,2-b]indazole PDE10A Inhibitors Read more
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This article describes the discovery of potent pyrimidoindazoles as PDE10A inhibitors by using the method of fragment-based drug discovery (FBDD). The authors made use of X-ray analysis well to obtain PDE10A inhibitors. In addition, they designed well-balanced compounds in light of physicochemical property and inhibitory activity. This study showed that FBDD approach is effective for the discovery of PDE10A inhibitors.

Volume 66 (2018) Issue 3 Pages 277-285
Supramolecular Complex of Methyl-β-cyclodextrin with Adamantane-Grafted Hyaluronic Acid as a Novel Antitumor Agent Read more
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Methyl-b-cyclodextrin (M-b-CyD) exhibits an antitumor activity, although its tumor-selectivity is low.  Meanwhile, hyaluronic acid (HA) is known as a promising tumor targeting ligand, because various cancer cells overexpress CD44, a HA-binding glycoprotein.  In this study, to develop a tumor-selective delivery system for M-b-CyD, the authors designed a supramolecular complex of M-b-CyD with adamantane-grafted HA (Ad-HA/M-b-CyD) and evaluated it as a tumor-selective antitumor agent.  Eventually, Ad-HA/M-b-CyD showed the superior cytotoxic activity via CD44-mediated endosomal pathways, suggesting that Ad-HA/M-b-CyD has the potentials as a tumor-selective antitumor agent.

Volume 66 (2018) Issue 3 Pages 189-190
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Cutting-edge contributions from invited poster presenters providing significant research works in the third International Symposium for Medicinal Sciences (ISMS) in the 137th Sendai annual meeting in 2017 are assembled for the Current Topics section in this issue of the Chemical and Pharmaceutical Bulletin.

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    Current Topics: Drug Discovery: Recent Progress and the Future

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    Current Topics: Medicinal and Bioorganic Chemistry of Nucleosides and Nucleotides

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    Current Topics: Recent Progress in Medicinal Chemistry