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  • Yoshiko TSUJI, Shigeo KOYASU, Kengo TOMITA, Yoshito OSHIMA
    Type: Editorial
    2021 Volume 11 Issue 3 Pages 51-55
    Published: January 15, 2021
    Released: January 19, 2021

    The ravages of Corona-Virus Disease-2019 have had an enormous impact on social life in all over the world. It is indisputable that basic measures to prevent infection are important. Moreover, in order for universities to fully fulfill the education and research functions that are one of the basic missions of universities, we must not only wait for settling down the spread of Coronavirus infections and getting back to normal, but also consider how to balance Coronavirus infection prevention measures while maintaining research activities. In addition, being forced to disperse research activities in time and space as a Coronavirus infection prevention is a factor in the complexity and diversity of risks in laboratories, and safety and health management in such situations must be considered in accordance with the situation at the research sites. In order for a university to be a university, there is an urgent need to take measures to coexist with Coronavirus infection risks in order to respond appropriately and rationally to the ever-changing situation, using the knowledge and considerations related to environmental safety that were learned from the first wave experience.

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