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Volume 41 , Issue 1
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  • Norifumi Kunimoto
    Type: Original Paper
    2017 Volume 41 Issue 1 Pages 3-13
    Published: January 01, 2017
    Released: January 26, 2017

     There are several previous studies about the colour theories of modern Japan, but there remain some other unclear questions. Particularly, it is not clear how the colour theories which developed in Europe and America were accepted and developed to Japan. And it is not clear about the circumstance of Japan in that times. In this article, firstly I survey the modern European and American colour theories which flows into Japan and were accepted. Secondly, I arrange how the Japanese pre-modern colour theories were thought before European and American colour theories were accepted in modern Japan. Furthermore, I examine how the colour theories accepted after modern times developed based on the documents such as "Irozu” and so on. And I study mainly on documents about the art education and the activity of the leaders who played a big role in colour theories development in Japan. Through these consideration, I inspect historically development of the modern Japanese colour theories.

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  • Hideaki Hayashi, Hideki Matsubara, Junko Mori
    Type: Letter
    2017 Volume 41 Issue 1 Pages 14-19
    Published: January 01, 2017
    Released: January 26, 2017

     This study discusses the planning Kiso Sansen National Government Park. This place is situated in themiddle of the park and is positioned as a significant nodal point that includes the entire park in its visual field.The park’s essential purpose is to provide learning opportunities for experiencing the abundant waterside environment produced by the Kiso Nagara separation levee and display the historical heritage of the Krippen groin.

     In this research, we focused on color planning and signage in this project’s landscape planning. It is also intended for further learning with the river environment providing visitors with opportunities to experience fun, peace of mind, and a sense of kinship and encouraging children to exercise and play. The basis of color planning and play equipment. Further, it is noteworthy that concrete civil engineering products used for river development are utilized for sign planning and play equipment.

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