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Print ISSN : 0389-9357
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Volume 42 , Issue 5
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  • Shoji Sunaga, Kyoko Kido, Shigehito Katsura
    Type: Original Paper
    2018 Volume 42 Issue 5 Pages 209-
    Published: September 01, 2018
    Released: September 24, 2018

     A new color universal design method with two steps for color combination has been proposed. The first step is to make a color combination with colors dichromats can discriminate. Next step is to change each of the color combination to other which dichromats cannot discriminate, respectively. However, because this method still has some critical problems, it is not made practicable in color universal design. In this study, we clarified these critical problems and proposed solutions to resolve them. In addition, we made a set of color samples according to the solution method. Hereby, we show an approach for putting the new color universal design method into practical use.

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  • Shigehito Katsura, Eriko Kanada, Shoji Sunaga
    Type: Research Note
    2018 Volume 42 Issue 5 Pages 218-
    Published: September 01, 2018
    Released: September 24, 2018

     Teachers who work at kindergartens and nursery schools pay attention to various behaviors of preschool children. If they can find specific behaviors caused by color vision deficiencies, it is expected to detect color vision deficiencies at early childhood. We carried out a questionnaire survey on whether they have knowledge about color vision deficiencies and whether they pay attention to specific behaviors such as color usage of preschool children. The survey subjects were 112 teachers who worked at three kindergartens and six nursery schools in Fukuoka prefecture. The questionnaire was anonymous by the method of filling in the answer on the form. The results showed that teachers did not have enough knowledge of color vision deficiencies and that they could not fully utilize learning materials on those. In addition, it was suggested that usages of color name and color materials in preschool children’s drawings were effective cues to find color vision deficiencies. Based on these results, it is necessary to examine how to provide information on color vision deficiencies which teachers can easily learn.

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