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Volume 44 , Issue 3
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  • Aki Morita, Fumiyo Hayakawa, Midori Kasai
    Type: Original Paper
    2020 Volume 44 Issue 3 Pages 107-
    Published: July 01, 2020
    Released: August 09, 2020

     The quality of the bread is evaluated generally by the appearance, an aroma, a texture, a flavor. The aroma is an important quality factor to control likeness of the bread of consumers. A sensory evaluation and the volatile components analysis are evaluation methods of the bread. But it is difficult to share the image of the aroma of the bread other than an expert. In this study, we clarified sensory properties of the aroma of the bread, and we discussed the result by the color evaluation.

     Loaf-type breads were made with 7 kinds of component added. We were able to evaluate the difference in strength and quality of the aroma of the bread in nine steps evaluation with ten terms. We chose a color in line with the image of the aroma of the bread using new color card 199 of the PCCS list color system. The aroma of the bread was an orange mainly. The milk aroma was correlated with yellow. And the baked aroma was correlated with darkness.

     In this study we visualized the aroma of the bread as well as lexicon. We were able to suggest means to share the aroma of lexicon to consumers clearly more.

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