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  • Taiichiro Ishida
    Article type: Original Paper
    2021 Volume 45 Issue 4 Pages 151-160
    Published: July 01, 2021
    Released on J-STAGE: August 02, 2021

    In this study, we investigated a method of producing a harmonious color arrangement by using colors illuminated by a colored light. This method is referred as the colored light characterization method. Color surfaces illuminated by a colored light are changed in a similar way according to the color of the light. These shared characteristics among colors may give color harmony to a color arrangement. In this experiment, we prepared an experimental set-up that allowed observers to see only the colors from a color chips separately from the background illuminated by the colored light. We carried out an experiment in which the observers evaluated color harmony and preference of color arrangements produced by the red, green, blue and white colored-light characterization method. The results showed that evaluation of color harmony was higher for the colored light conditions compared to the white light condition. In addition, the color harmony by the colored light characterization tended to be higher as the number of colors in the color arrangement increased. The colored light characterization method was also effective for color preference evaluation. In discussion, the changes in colorimetric values of the color chips produced by the colored light characterization method were investigated, and the relationships between the colorimetric values and the color harmony evaluation were considered.

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