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Volume 35 , Issue 3
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Dissertation-Technical Report-Contribution
  • Sunao Kunimatsu, Yoshihiro Hirao, Yasunao Matsumoto, Yasutoshi Kitamur ...
    2011 Volume 35 Issue 3 Pages 271-278
    Published: June 01, 2011
    Released: January 25, 2020

    In recent years, the complaint number about the vibration tends to increase gradually and the actual condition that the generation status of the vibration complaint and the results based on the existing measurement evaluation method do not correspond is pointed out. Therefore, the necessity for the new evaluation technique and regulation technique is required. In this paper, some issues and problems for evaluation of vibration as public disruption by Vibration Regulation Law, namely, the policy concept of the law based on emission control, the evaluation point, the evaluation of human response to whole-body vibration and the evaluation unit etc. were arranged, referring to the evaluation method of the vibration as public disruption by the law and then the evaluation by exposure control was proposed. Finally, the importance of the database construction was shown as correspondence to revelation regulation.

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