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Volume 38 , Issue 1
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Dissertation—Technical Report—Contribution
  • Masaki Hasebe
    2014 Volume 38 Issue 1 Pages 50-56
    Published: February 01, 2014
    Released: January 16, 2020

    There is a need to improve the insertion loss of a noise barrier without increasing the height of the barrier. The wells with different length compose a wedge-shaped noise reducing device. Typical results for the barrier with the wedge-shaped noise reducing device are presented. The device on the top of the barrier shows a property of acoustically soft surface in a predetermined frequency range. The barrier with the device shows a relatively constant insertion loss in the frequency range. To ascertain the results of numerical calculation, experimental results obtained by reduced-scale model are given. These results show the validity of numerical calculation. Numerical calculation on a road traffic noise reduction is shown.

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