Japanese Journal of Food Microbiology
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Volume 36 , Issue 3
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  • Hiroshi Murakami, Takayuki Morita, Kurayuki Yamada, Shirou Morikawa, K ...
    2019 Volume 36 Issue 3 Pages 125-131
    Published: September 30, 2019
    Released: July 03, 2020

    The usefulness of a peracetic acid formulation was evaluated for the disinfection of disinfectant baths and knives in slaughterhouses. In disinfectant baths, the peracetic acid formulation had a higher disinfection effect than a sodium hypochlorite formulation, and, even as time passed, the effect was not reduced. Sufficient effects were observed at concentrations of 300 ppm or more. On the other hand, on knives, a peracetic acid formulation with a concentration of 500 ppm showed a disinfection effect equal to alcohol formulations. In the slaughterhouse, differences in disinfection effect were not seen between the peracetic acid formulation and disinfection with hot water at ≥83℃, which suggested that it could be used as an alternative to hot water disinfection. This study demonstrated that peracetic acid formulations could effectively disinfect the environment and equipment in slaughterhouses, which are heavily contaminated with organic matter.

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