Viva Origino
Online ISSN : 1346-6933
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37 巻, 1 号
特集 2008年学術講演会におけるシニアセッションの論文
  • Koichiro Matsuno
    2009 年 37 巻 1 号 p. 1-6
    発行日: 2009年
    公開日: 2022/01/18
    ジャーナル フリー

      Prebiotic evolution on the primitive Earth could have proceeded through the interplay between the two modes of quenching, rapid and slow, of the synthesized products. The rapid quenching instrumental to stabilizing the synthesized products occurring near the surface of the Earth materializes as traversing from the high temperature specific to the energy source driving synthetic reactions, such as the photons from the sun or the magmatic heat from the core mantle of the Earth, to the normal ambient temperature near the surface. In contrast, the slow quenching as a necessary vehicle for disintegrating the synthesized products into the raw materials for the subsequent synthetic reactions to successively follow materializes as traversing from the normal ambient temperature near the surface of the Earth to the extremely low temperature characterizing deep outer space. A means of reaching out to deep outer space from the Earth is through the emission of the microwave photons. The microwave photons can be emitted in the process of orientational polarization of electric dipole moments intrinsic to the synthesized oligomeric products.

  • Tsutomu Nishimura, Kaneo Mohri, Masanori Fukushima
    2009 年 37 巻 1 号 p. 7-9
    発行日: 2009年
    公開日: 2022/01/18
    ジャーナル フリー

      Why dinosaurs became so large and why they became extinct are two of the great mysteries of biology. However, no theory has yet succeeded in explaining the biotic transitions adequately. In a previous meta-analysis, we found that exposure to an extremely low frequency electromagnetic field (ELF-EMF) was associated with an increase in animal body weight. In the present paper, we propose that the large body size of the dinosaurs was caused by ELF-EMFs generated by natural phenomena: geomagnetic storms, volcanic activity, earthquakes, or Schumann resonance. To support this hypothesis, we researched long-term data on changes in these processes. We found that there was a high level of crustal change during the age of the dinosaurs. We propose that Ultra-low frequency (ULF) /ELF-EMFs produced by widespread earthquakes and volcanism caused the dinosaurs to become larger, then when these phenomena were no longer so prevalent, the dinosaurs became extinct for a number of reasons, among them the loss of ULF/ELF-EMFs.