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Volume 49 , Issue 2
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Research Article
  • Ikunari Kiryu, Toyohiro Nishioka, Kei Yuasa, Jun Kurita, Yoshik Shimah ...
    2014 Volume 49 Issue 2 Pages 41-48
    Published: 2014
    Released: July 01, 2014
    We developed a simple PCR-based method using feces to detect “Candidatus Xenohaliotis californiensis” (Rickettsia-like organism, RLO), which is responsible for withering syndrome (WS). Four abalone groups (Haliotis discus discus and H. gigantea) naturally or artificially infected with WS-RLO were prepared. After daily collection of the feces from individual animals over a seven-day period, the posterior esophagus (PE) was excised, and subjected to PCR for WS-RLO. WS-RLO-positive results were obtained from the feces of 30-67% animals, and from the PE of 17-97% animals. For the fecal PCR, more than one animal was positive from each group every day, although the WS-RLO-positive rate daily varied. When the sensitivity of the PCR was compared between DNA extracted from feces by boiling and that by QIAamp® DNA Stool Kit, there was no difference between the two methods. Fecal PCR combined with boiling DNA extraction is rapid and simple for screening abalone groups infected with WS-RLO.
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