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  • Azusa TOGO, Yukiko ENOMOTO, Akio TAKEMURA, Tadahisa IWATA
    2019 Volume 55 Issue 9 Pages 315-322
    Published: September 01, 2019
    Released: September 21, 2019

    Dextran is an α-1,6-glucan synthesized by Leuconostoc mesenteroides. In this study, dextran esterderivatives were prepared and used as novel bio-based adhesives with fine properties of harmless, fast dry,and water resistance. The solubility of dextran ester derivatives in hydrophobic or hydrophilic solvent couldbe controlled through changing the degree of substitution (DS). Especially, the one with DS of 1.1 is soluble inethanol, which is harmless and relatively high volatility. As adhesives, dextran ester derivatives provide goodadhesion of wood, glass, collagen films, and gladius of squid. Comparing with commercial poly (vinyl alcohol)(PVA) and poly (vinyl acetate), dextran ester derivatives have shorter drying time. Furthermore, dextranester derivatives show much higher adhesive strength of PVA after immersion in water.

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