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Original Paper
    2024 Volume 62 Issue 3 Pages 106-114
    Published: 2024
    Released on J-STAGE: June 23, 2024
    The typical composite cylinder consists of the fiber layers and the metal liner. Simplified formulations in the design by rule for the composite cylinder are constructed.
    Basic assumptions are thin wall thickness of the cylinder and equivalent biaxial stress state in the liner. Pressure-strain relationships are shown in the 5 cases of loading and unloading conditions including the plastic deformation treatment. Finaly, acceptable criteria for the composite cylinder are shown.
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  • Akira KIUCHI, Akira MORITA
    2024 Volume 62 Issue 3 Pages 115-123
    Published: 2024
    Released on J-STAGE: June 23, 2024
    In this paper,master curve of plane strain fracture toughness,KIc,for used turbine rotors subjected to temper embrittlement is studied by rearranging a total of 64 data. Fracture appearance transition temperature,FATT,of 2mm V-notch Charpy impact test of the target material was 99 to 181°C,and the thickness,B,of the fracture toughness test specimens used was 200,100,50 and 25mm. When the test temperature,T,is arranged by excess temperature,Te,(=T-FATT),KIc data have small variation regardless of the FATT value and the intermediate KIc value is represented by the same formula as the master curve of ASTM E1921. The relationship between Kc,1T data,which are fracture toughness for 1CT specimens (B=25mm) converted from each KIc data of B=200,100,50 and 25mm according to ASTM E1921,and Te was also obtained. The variation of Kc,1T data is larger than that of KIc data. The nine pieces of Kc,1T data converted from ten KIc data of B=200 and 100mm are located around the upper limit of the variation,and 6 pieces of them exceeded the 95% confidence limit obtained according to ASTM E1921. The reason for the small variation in KIc data of the used turbine rotors was also discussed.
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