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Volume 78 , Issue 10
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  • Allocation Problem by Multi-Prices of a Commodity and Procedure for Combining Process with Input-Output Analyses
    Hiroki HONDO, Yohji UCHIYAMA
    1999 Volume 78 Issue 10 Pages 861-868
    Published: October 20, 1999
    Released: June 28, 2010
    This paper discusses two main problems to develop practical inventory analysis using an input-output (I-O) table. The first is the allocation problem caused by use of an actual I-O table, which indicates transaction among sectors on monetary unit. When direct and indirect emissions at the production of commodities are calculated using conventional I-O analysis method, the values are underestimated or overestimated due to the assumption that a commodity is sold at a uniform price to all consumers. In this paper, modified method is presented, reflecting the fact that a commodity is sold at different prices to each consumer. It is found that CO2 emission factors of commodities estimated using the modified method are different from those using the conventional method. The second is the way to combine process analysis with I-O analysis for reasonable and practical inventory analysis. The merit of process analysis is precise estimation reflecting actual processes. On the other hand, I-O analysis theoretically enables consistent estimation taking account of all processes in society. This paper describes an inventory analysis method that makes the best use of merits of both. CO2 emission factor of a boiler is calculated using the method and the result proves the method to be available.
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  • Koh KIDENA, Satoru MURATA, Levent ARTOK, Masakatsu NOMURA
    1999 Volume 78 Issue 10 Pages 869-876
    Published: October 20, 1999
    Released: June 28, 2010
    Measurements of solid-state NMR of eight Argonne Premium Coal Samples were conducted to estimate the average aromatic cluster size in these coals. Firstly, the carbon distribution was obtained from SPE/MAS 13C-NMR. Secondary, 1HCRAMPS NMR spectra gave the hydrogen aromaticity of coal. Combination use of the hydrogen aromaticity and elemental analysis data could afford the amount of tertiary aromatic carbon. The parameter of χb, the mole fraction of aromatic bridgehead carbons in all aromatic carbons, could be derived from above NMR data and elemental analysis of coal. χb is directly correlated to the number of aromatic carbon atoms per aromatic cluster, C. In this study, the value of C varied from 10 (corresponding to the size of naphthalene) for Beulah-Zap and Wyodak coals to 23 (corresponding to the size of coronene) for Pocahontas No.3 coal.
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