Journal of Wind Engineering
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Volume 28 , Issue 3
[No. 96]
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Technical Report
  • Yasushi UEMATSU, Takayuki SONE, Masumi NOGUCHI
    Type: Others
    Subject area: Others
    2003 Volume 28 Issue 3 Pages 96_107-96_116
    Published: 2003
    Released: April 12, 2005
    The geometry, structural characteristics and wind resistant design method of spatial structures constructed in Japan in the last two decades have been investigated, based on a literature survey as well as on a questionnaire answered by structural engineers at some construction companies. Regarding the wind resistant design, focus is on the method of wind load estimation used in the practical design. The results indicate that the structural characteristics, such as the first natural frequency and damping factor, depend not only on the geometry of the structure but also on the structural system. Various methods were used for estimating the design wind load. In many cases, however, the gust effect factor approach has been used, particularly since the AIJ Recommendations for Loads on Buildings was revised in 1993 and the specification of gust effect factor was provided for beams supporting flat roofs.
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