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Volume 36 , Issue 3
[No. 128]
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Technical Paper
  • Toshio KOIZUMI, Hiroyuku TAKEISHI, Kiyonobu OHTANI, Kazuyoshi TAKAY ...
    2011 Volume 36 Issue 3 Pages 39-50
    Published: July 30, 2011
    Released: November 08, 2011
    At the event of the atomic bomb dropped in Hiroshima, Danbara district which is located behind Mount Hiji approximately 2.3 km distant from the center of explosion, suffered less damages than surrounding districts. This phenomenon is expressed by the word called as "shade of Mount Hiji" in Hiroshima. In this research, a basic experiment to verify the topographic effects of Mount Hiji on the shock wave of the atomic bomb was carried out. In this basic experiment, by using the shadowgraph method, behaviors of the shock wave passing a topographical model of isosceles triangle and Mount Hiji model. Pressure measurement behind the model was also conducted in the experiment. As a result of the experiment, basic information on the phenomenon in which the shock wave was shielded by Mount Hiji and did not reach much to Danbara district was obtained.
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