Journal of Wind Engineering
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Volume 36 , Issue 1
[No. 126]
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Technical Paper
  • Toshio KOIZUMI, Hiroshi UEDA, Dai MATSUSHIMA
    2011 Volume 36 Issue 1 Pages 1-12
    Published: January 31, 2011
    Released: March 30, 2011
    It is important in the study of winds to three-dimensionally determine on site the flow of winds near the ground surface. The authors developed a system to measure the data of wind flow in both the horizontal and vertical directions utilizing photogrammetry. This system uses 4 phototheodolites, each of which is mounted with a digital camera that takes stereo photographs of soap bubbles released as tracers, thereby three-dimensionally analyzing the path of particle of each soap bubble. The experiments consisted of both primary and application experiments. The primary experiment consisted of a measurement of the three-dimensional position of targets suspended in a laboratory with a stereo photograph of the target being used. The application experiments measured the paths of particles of wind blowing in the grounds of the University campus. The results of the experiments proved that the built system was effective.
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