Journal of Wind Engineering
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Volume 29 , Issue 4
[No. 101]
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Technical Paper
  • Hideo Sawada, Hiroshi Higuchi, Tetsuya Kunimasu, Shinichi Suda
    2004 Volume 29 Issue 4 Pages 55-62
    Published: 2004
    Released: April 13, 2005
    Drag coefficient of axial cylinders was measured without any support interference, utilizing JAXA 60cm MSBS(Magnetic Suspension and Balance System) at speeds from 20m/s to 35m/s. Drag coefficient depended on the fineness ratio of the cylinder but not on the Reynolds number within the range tested (50,000-100,000 based on the cylinder diameter). The drag coefficient increased proportionally with the fineness ratio larger than 4.13, corresponding to the turbulent boundary layer growth downstream of the reattachment line. The present data supersede those of two earlier sources by Hoerner and Eiffel at fineness ratios larger than 4.
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Technical Report