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Volume 26 , Issue 8
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  • Toshio Bouno, Toshifumi Yuji, Masahisa Otsubo, Chikahisa Honda
    2006 Volume 26 Issue 8 Pages 623-628
    Published: 2006
    Released: April 29, 2015
    The recently introduced small wind turbine is becoming increasingly popular in japan. As a response to this, we have developed a 50W class small wind turbine capable for home-use. The basic characteristics data of this innovative small wind turbine includes wind speed 2.5 m/s to approximately 4W the generation of electricity. The authors measured charactheristics using a small wind turbine generator(Matsumuma MWD-50, hereinafter, referred to as MWG-50)of five sheets of blades, which from 1999 could be introduced into ordinary homes. This paper describes the novel way of the electric motor operation even when the windmill falls below the initial power generation and doesn’t work. We also review the practical improvement of the MWG-50. When installing a wind turbine generator in the place where the appropriate wind speed is gotten through the year, it is found that this method is valid in combination with the other power generation equipment such as a battery.
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