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Volume 33 , Issue 4
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  • Masatoshi Uchino, Kojiro Kato, Kazunori Takita
    2013 Volume 33 Issue 4 Pages 288-292
    Published: April 10, 2013
    Released: September 02, 2014
    Abstract-In recent Lightning Protection Technology based on LPZ-concept,it becomes very important to estimate and test the impulse current capacity of lightning protection systems and their components,for example conductors,metallic parts,connection parts,arrestors,circuit breakers,fuses etc. The standard lightning current wave form 10/350μs for such purpose was specified in IEC 1312-1 in 1995. In order to realize such long durational current wave form with relative small impulse capacitor,application of so-called crowbar-switch was introduced in the early 1980's. By this unique technology,necessary capacity of energy source was dramatically reduced. On the other hand,we can now utilize large capacity rectifier diodes as an electronic switch for necessary circuit conversion at economical cost level. Authors have realized simplified large capacity impulse current generator with such standard diodes as so-cold semiconductor-switch
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