Japanese Journal of Smoking Control Science
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Volume vol.12, Issue 02
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  • Kazuhiko Shibata, [in Japanese], [in Japanese], Shota Watabe, [in Japa ...
    2018 Volume vol.12 Issue 02 Pages 1-8
    Published: 2018
    Released on J-STAGE: June 02, 2021
    Objectives:This study aimed to clarify the smoking status and attitudes towards smoking in undergraduate students of Matsuyama University and provide suggestions for education on smoking prevention education and no-smoking advocacy.
    Methods:“Survey on Student life” was performed to 5,713 undergraduate students. The survey included questions on personal attributes, smoking status, college life, part-time jobs, extracurricular activity and attitudes towards smoking.
    Results:In all, 9.8% of all respondents smoked, and the percentage of smokers among men and women was 14.9% and 3.4%, respectively. Students who constantly engage in part-time jobs and those who actively participate in extracurricular activities (club activities, circle activity and volunteering) had significantly high smoking rate. Regarding lifestyle, students who went to bed late and those who skipped breakfast had high smoking rates. Moreover, students who spoke about anxiety and troubles of student life with a senior had significantly higher smoking rates. Students who tends to accept drugs had significantly high smoking rate.
    Conclusion:In order to prevent student to begin smoking after entering university, the study results revealed that we should education on anaclitic drug including cigarettes. Moreover, smoking cessation should be promoted during extracurricular activities. Not only to freshmen but also repeated education to all students is considered important to change and maintain attitude of students toward to smoking.
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