Japanese Journal of Smoking Control Science
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Volume vol.6, Issue 12
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  • ~for the decrease in peri-operative complications~
    M Mori, J Kobayashi, Y Morishima, Y Toyoda, D Satomi, Y Toshimitu, Y Y ...
    2012 Volume vol.6 Issue 12 Pages 1-7
    Published: 2012
    Released on J-STAGE: September 29, 2021
    Background:We studied to clarify the effect of smoking gives in colorectal operation for the peri-operative period and examine influence of pre-operative non-smoking instruction.
    Methods:The subjects were 186 cases in which colorectal surgery was performed in our department during the period between June 2010 and June 2012. We divided the subjects into two groups in having smoking history or not. Then, their factors were statistically studied with regard to each of the items, age, gender, location of primary disease, comorbid complications, ASA-PS, %VC, FEV1.0%, operative time, anesthesia time, amount of bleeding, post-operative complications and post-operative hospitalization. In addition, we divided the group with smoking history into two groups in having pre-operative non-smoking period or not and compared similar item in the groups.
    Results:The group with smoking history had significantly many perioperative complications (p<0.001), and had a long post-operative hospitalization(22.4±13.3 : 17.6±8.4 p=0.003). The group having pre-operative nonsmoking period was significantly lower occurrence of the post-operative complications.(p=0.005).
    Conclusion:Smoking significantly increased peri-operative complications of colorectal surgery. And the postoperative respiratory complications were proved to decrease by pre-operative non-smoking instruction. We thought it necessary to perform more positive pre-operative non-smoking instruction in order to decrease the post-operative complications.
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