Japanese Journal of Smoking Control Science
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Volume vol.13, Issue 04
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  • Nobutaka Okusa, Kazuya Masuno, Hidenori Matsumoto, Tetsunari Nishikawa ...
    2019 Volume vol.13 Issue 04 Pages 1-7
    Published: 2019
    Released on J-STAGE: May 28, 2021
    The whole premise of the university hospital has become smoke-free since April 2018.
    Anonymous self-administered questionnaire were taken in total of 296 dentistry program students, which includes 137 students from 5th year who underwent dental clinical practices and 159 students from 6th year who terminated the preparation course for National Medical Practitioners Qualifying Ex-amination, to investigate the opinion about smoke-free premises in the university hospital. Main con-tents of the questionnaire contain age, gender, current smoking status, reason of starting tobacco smoking, reason to quit smoking for a former smoker, and opinion about smoke-free premises in the university hospital. Most students answered that they have start smoking since early age of middle school year with a reason of having their friends or senior year students influencing them. With the result of having 35.6% of students agreeing on having smoke-free premises, 37.5% of students without opinion or leaving the paper blank, and 13 out of 18 students with smoking habit have claimed to return the previous smoking area or newly setting complete separation of smoking area; majority of students did not have opinion about smoke-free area, in other word that most of students have no interest about the issue of secondhand smoke and hospital environment. In order to support student’s future as being a medical expert, the repetition of anti-smoking education to expand the knowledge of the negative effects of smoking is suggested before graduation.
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