Japanese Journal of Smoking Control Science
Online ISSN : 1883-3926
Volume vol.12, Issue 04
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  • Nobutaka Okusa, Kazuya Masuno, Takako Toyama, Kumiko Kaji, Ayuko Maeso ...
    2018 Volume vol.12 Issue 04 Pages 1-7
    Published: 2018
    Released on J-STAGE: June 02, 2021
    We studied the effects of non-smoking education using a survey of first-year students in 2016 at the Schools of Dental Hygiene and Dental Technology. Non-smoking education was conducted on 52 subjects (42 School of Dental Hygiene students, 10 School of Dental Technology students). The surveys were conducted both before and after the lecture, with the main questions as follows: age; whether they have experienced non-smoking education lectures; reasons for not being able to stop smoking; understanding of the physical harm of smoking; passive smoking; diseases caused by smoking; the mechanisms of diseases caused by smoking; smoking cessation methods; whether currently smoking; and knowledge of smoking experiences. In terms of the harm caused by smoking, before non-smoking education, all students knew that smoking was harmful to the human body and impacted surrounding people. In the question “Name diseases caused by smoking,” the number of diseases in the answers was tabulated with a score of 0–4. The score for this question was 93 before the lecture and 152 afterwards. For the question “Please explain the mechanisms of diseases caused by smoking,” nine subjects answered they could explain only a little before the lecture, and 33 did so after the non-smoking lecture. Compared with before the lecture, increases in knowledge of smoking and the motivation to stop smoking were seen as a result of lecture attendance.
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